Read these rules and regulations carefully before signing up for Ripper Casino. Once you register and start wagering, you fully accept and understand that all the terms apply. Read them carefully before using our promotional offers. 

By wagering using our promotional offers, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to all terms and conditions. 

  • Ripper Casino is available to users older than 18. Minors are strictly forbidden to play. You must be a resident of the jurisdictions where Ripper Casino is not prohibited by law. All Ripper Casino games are void if accessed in areas prohibited by law.
  • Ripper Casino is a real money casino. All winnings and losses are in real money. To access the demo version, don’t log into your account.
  • All casino games are closely monitored. Ripper Casino tracks and reviews each roll, hand, slot pull, and spin for every player and game.
  • If there is an interruption, the game and results from the point before disruption will be displayed upon system resumption. If you are disconnected from the server during your game, you can continue from the same point after reconnection. Your balance will not be reduced if the casino doesn’t receive your bet. You can also see results from the previous bet.
  • Ripper Casino ensures the safety and protection of all customers. However, some unforeseen circumstances are beyond the casino’s control. If there is a disconnection between the player and the casino, we are not liable for any losses.
  • Ripper Casino reserves complete discretion to correct credits or payments made in error for any reason. We reserve the right to hold a customer liable for damages intentionally or unintentionally taking advantage of an administrative or technical error.
  • Forward all disputes to Ripper Casino by e-mail within one hour of the event.
  • Using the Ripper Casino software means holding all stakeholders harmless and indemnifying them from expenses, costs, damages, and liabilities. These may result from using the website, using materials on the website, using the casino server, participating in a game, and accepting prizes. 
  • You must not participate in a game or use the website if you don’t understand or agree to the terms. You must read all the terms and conditions and adhere to all rules before using the Ripper Casino website. If terms and conditions change, read and understand everything first.
  • You can only use one active account. You can only cash out from one account. Your winnings are voided if you have more than one account.
  • Failure to verify your account will result in account closure and forfeiture of winnings.
  • If you lose or give out your account, Ripper Casino is not liable for any claims resulting from this account. You are responsible for your account and transactions. Your account information must be strictly confidential.
  • Your details and identity will remain confidential at Ripper Casino. Your wagering history is confidential and will not be availed to third parties.
  • You are responsible for any taxes resulting from any taxes on your winnings from Ripper Casino.
  • Ripper Casino reserves the right to add new activities or discontinue any activities from the platform without notifying members.
  • By accepting winnings from the casino, you have consented to using your name and photograph for advertising purposes. You will not be compensated for this unless it is prohibited by law.
  • You must provide your source of funds or wealth at a later stage. You are required to provide proof of funding for e-wallets. 
  • You will receive payouts for accounts you control and own.
  • Before processing, all deposits will be audited. You must provide proof of identity and address. Your documents must match your registered name and surname. Failure to produce this within four weeks of request leads to forfeiture of winnings. Your account will be locked if the documents are fraudulent.
  • All withdrawals are processed using the deposit method. Ripper Casino reserves the right to decide on the withdrawal options.
  • You are not allowed to withdraw if you haven’t used your deposit. This complies with anti-money laundering regulations.
  • You can only withdraw a maximum of $2,000 per week. Ripper Casino can pay out higher winnings or determine the final payout limit within their right.
  • Ripper Casino has the right to reserve payouts for any account or transaction it may find fraudulent. The casino may assess service charges if the account is deemed fraudulent.

Ripper Casino has the right to cancel your membership without notice. The balance in your account will be added to your personal account. Your winnings will be withheld or voided in any of the following conditions.

  • If there is evidence that you have more than one active account
  • If the name on your bank card is different than your registered name. You must provide your name and proof of identity during withdrawal for verification purposes.
  • You are only allowed to play in your name. If verification can’t be completed, payouts will be suspended.
  • If you cash out any winnings during a promotion without fulfilling all wagering requirements
  • If you provide misleading or incorrect information during registration
  • If you are not 18 years and above
  • If you are playing in a country where Ripper Casino is legally prohibited
  • If you have allowed someone else to play using your account
  • If you reverse your purchases for a potential chargeback
  • If you are found cheating by the casino using a system or machine

To avoid any misconceptions, print a copy of all transactions in the casino. The casino can modify the rules or cancel promotions without notice. You are not allowed to play at Ripper Casino if you are from any of the following countries. 

Algeria, Albania, Angola, Andorra, Armenia, Argentina, Bahrain, Austria, Belarus, Barbados, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Burundi, Brunei, France, Curacao, Grenada, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Hongkon, Iraq, Indonesia, Israel, Ivory Coast, Italy, Jordan, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, South Korea, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and Ukraine. 

The casino also reserves the right to reject new registrations from the US. You don’t qualify for bonuses if you are from any of the following countries. 

Brazil, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mauritius, North Macedonia, Poland, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey.

If you don’t use your account for 12 months, it may be closed for inactivity. You cannot abuse or misuse the casino staff by using foul language. You must not use foul language in your name during registration. This includes racist, sexist, or profane language. 

Promotional Terms and Conditions 

The casino offers bonuses regularly. They are offered to loyal players. Therefore, abusing the system means exclusion from future bonuses. Let’s look at the various terms and conditions for bonuses and promotions.

  • You can only use one bonus per account, household, IP address, or shared computer.
  • New accounts are opened by new players who have never had a Ripper Casino account before.
  • Bonuses on new accounts will be issued to the first deposit to the casino account.
  • If there are different promotions for new accounts, only one bonus can be claimed at any time. The casino can terminate the promotion at any time without prior notice. You are not allowed to combine promotions unless specified. 
  • Ripper Casino reserves the right to request further documentation and withhold bonus amounts.
  • All casino accounts must have a valid e-mail address and phone number to receive bonus payments.
  • The minimum deposit amount for coupons is $20, and the maximum is $200 unless stated otherwise. These are only valid for one deposit and must be entered before depositing. They can’t be added to your account retroactively. 
  • The wagering requirement for the Ripper deposit bonus is 30 times the deposit and bonus amount. You must meet the wagering requirements for all bonuses. Once your balance is $0, the rules are annulled.
  • Keno, all slots and pokie games will fulfill the wagering requirements for all the bonuses. 
  • Any winnings on your bonus will be voided if you make a wager on an excluded game before completing the wagering requirements.
  • The wagering requirements for the no-deposit bonus coupons are 60 times the bonus amount.
  • Any no-deposit bonuses and awards have a maximum cashout value of 5x the bonus amount. The rule is annulled if your balance is less than $1.
  • You must redeem a no-deposit bonus within one month of activation.
  • You must not deposit an additional sum if the first bonus remains active.
  • For free spins, you must wager 60 times the original value of the free spins before withdrawing. You can withdraw a maximum of five times the initial value of the free spins. They can be used in one game. 

Failure to follow these terms and conditions is promotion abuse. If this happens, the casino has the right to take action against you. The casino may withhold your winnings or close your account. Additionally, you may be excluded from any promotions in the casino.

Place all wagers with the wagering requirements in mind. You can only claim free bonus winnings once if you haven’t deposited them into your account. You cannot withdraw your winnings if your last deposit is over three months. 

Winnings on linked accounts with the same offer will be voided. They will be removed from the accounts. Follow these rules for all bonuses.

  • The maximum bet for all bonuses is $10. If you place a bet of more than $10 with an active bonus, the casino will void your winnings.
  • If your bets are higher than $10, it will partially contribute to the bonus’s wagering requirements. The maximum amount to be deducted is only $10.
  • When the ‘buy feature’ gameplay is active, only $10 will contribute to the wagering requirement.
  • All promotional offers are available to the players who received them from the casino. If you receive a promotion by email, it is not transferable.
  • You will not receive a bonus if you have more than one withdrawal request in your account. Abusing this policy may result in the cancellation of your winnings.

You are not allowed to claim multiple free bonuses or spins consecutively. If you do this without depositing an additional amount, the casino’s management can void your winnings or bonuses.

Cashback Promotion Terms 

If you are eligible for a bonus, you can claim 25% (for regular customers)  and 40% (for VIPs) cashback. This is available for every busted deposit, $10 minimum, without a deposit bonus. Contact the customer support department to activate this offer.

You can’t claim this feature if a bonus is attached to your deposit. Wagering requirements for the cashback bonus is 10x. It can be played on keno and pokie games. To claim the cashback, your balance must be less than $1. 

You don’t necessarily have to claim a bonus after every deposit. However, you can claim it after a few deposits. The cashback bonus can be claimed for deposits completed three days (72 hours) before the cashback request.

Online Poker Terms and Conditions 

At Ripper Casino, you can only play poker using real money unless you use Play chips. There are no bonuses or promotions applicable to poker games. USD is the only accepted currency for poker games. The funds will be converted immediately if you play from a different country and use a foreign currency. 

Always look for the conversion rate to avoid lower balances than expected. When playing poker, beware of the following chat rules and regulations.

  • You must not chat inside about a hand when it is in progress.
  • Don’t use chat to offer another player advice or urge them to take a specific action.
  • Don’t chat about folded cards you may have held during a hand or current cards you may have.
  • Don’t use foul, threatening, or abusive language.

You may be suspended from chat if you do any of these things. You will be permanently suspended from chat if there are severe and continuous breaches. You must only use English or the specific language for each table designated by the casino.

Online Poker Freerolls 

Freerolls always have a maximum amount of players allowed. This number must not be exceeded. You will not be compensated or refunded if you fail to register in time, unregister, lose a seat, or can’t take part in the freerolls.

Any tournament tickets won in Freerolls will not be exchanged or refunded for cash. When the corresponding tournament is changed or canceled, the tournament tickets won in Freerolls will lose validity. The tickets are not refundable.

All cancellations or changes in tournaments are announced. 50% of all Freeroll winnings are turned over as gross rake before you can withdraw funds. 

Ripper Casino Refund Policy 

You will not receive a refund if your entire or part of the deposit is used. The deposits are sent back to the payment processor. Ripper Casino will make the final decision on the payment method.

Ripper Casino can withhold your refund until your identity is verified. If the casino considers a risk in a credit card transaction, refunds to a specific card may not be processed. 


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